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Cash Management

Cash Management

How accurate is your cash forecast? What impact do timing differences have on the availability of cash? Where is your cash and do you know how much is being held just in case it is needed? How do you pool cash across geographies or subsidiaries? How do you manage the security of surplus cash? What are the market rates for investing cash? What options do you have for investing cash? How do you choose between money market funds?

The lifeblood of a growing business is cash. Good cash management requires a close link between the operational business and the accuracy of the financial forecasts. The trade off between the security of your cash (how safe are the banks?), the yield (interest on cash balances) and liquidity (making funds available at the right time) is a constant concern for all businesses. Our treasurers have spent many years managing significant cash balances on behalf of large corporations and can provide you with tried and trusted strategies and policies to effectively manage your cash.

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