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Do you have a rolling cash forecast? How accurate is the forecast and is your cash segmented between short term and long term needs? Who controls the forecast and do you have visibility of excess cash or contingencies? What are the peaks and troughs and where does capital expenditure fit? Do management have incentives to improve cash management? How is cash managed and reported against any existing bank covenants? What is your credit management policy and is it enforced?

Cash forecasting is an art and requires attention to detail, a flexible system for dealing with the inevitable changes to timing and values, and timely and accurate reporting for decision making. Businesses will not grow unless funds are made available at the right time and there is an ability to handle negative surprises or changes. Customers, suppliers, staff and investors all rely on cash forecasting. Our treasurers can show you how to improve your cash forecasting and how to manage the reporting and decision making process, whilst minimizing the risks to your business.

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