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Investing Cash

What do you do with surplus cash? Should you offset versus debt? How safe is your cash? What time frames should be used and what proportion in each? How many banks hold your cash? How do you assess credit ratings? What is a CDS? Which money market funds should you use? How do you balance security versus yield? Does the business strategy match the cash investment policy?

Investing cash is no longer straight forward. The organization holding your cash needs to be assessed for risk and ability to repay your cash, the value of your cash needs to be balanced against returns and opportunity costs. The choice of instruments is large and each has their own merits. Not all cash funds are the same and many have different risk profiles or hidden investment policies. Our treasurers can guide you through setting a policy, reviewing who holds your cash, optimizing returns, dealing with fund managers and banks, improving reporting, checking documentation and assessing risk.

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